Jim Vyse Arks was born over 10 years ago after a few life changes prompted owner, Jim Vyse, to put his carpentry skills to good use and start making chicken houses. A few adverts later and Jim’s chicken houses were spreading across the UK…

Jim Vyse

The man himself!

Jim is dedicated to ensuring that all his chicken houses and duck houses are attractive, robust, and practical whether you choose a standard or bespoke design. The high quality tantalised timber meets all Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) standards so your house will last year after year.

Over 10,000 poultry houses have left Jim’s rural Hampshire workshop in just over 10 years – including a goose house that appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh Show!

As a small, specialist company our customers know they can find exactly what they’re looking for and the affordable bespoke service ensures they get the chicken house of their dreams.

The popularity of Jim Vyse Arks has now spread across the world with houses being shipped to France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Channel Islands, the Orkneys, and even the Falkland Islands!

Hard at work!

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  1. I live in US in CA. I am thinking of adopting three ISA browns ex battery cage chickens for a backyard flock. I know that they come with abnormal chicken behaviors from their abnormal chicken life. I also know that I am making a commitment to have them as pets until their natural demise. I would adopt 3.

    How successful is it to rehabilitate an ex-battery chicken? How high is their mortality in the first couple of weeks of ownership? What is the best classical conditioning techniques that can be used to train them to use space, recognize night/day, drink from non nipple waterers, exercise their muscles, perch?

    Is there a handout or booklet on ex-batts? I found one on Amazon and have read everything on the BHWT.

    • We’ve heard some great success stories about re-homing ex-batts. The advice on the BHWT website is fantastic and they have a helpline you can call if you’re worried about your hens. Usually hens start exhibiting natural behaviour quite quickly so it probably won’t be long before they’re acting exactly like “normal” hens. Good luck!

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