Chicken Breed of the Month: Wyandotte



The Wyandotte is a fairly glamourous looking breed of chicken that comes in a variety of pretty colours. Their docile nature makes them ideal for beginners that want something a bit different from the usual little brown hen.

The breed originated in America in around the 1870’s and was designed to be a dual purpose breed. The Wyandotte came over to Great Britain in the 1890’s and quickly gained a loyal following among chicken fanciers.

In modern times they’re popular for their eggs and have become increasingly popular as exhibition birds.

They’re medium sized with long, non-feathered legs and a wide, flat “rose” comb. There is also a bantam variety if you like the breed but would prefer a smaller chicken.

If you want to keep chickens for eggs then the Wyandotte is a good choice. Hens will lay around 200 light brown/tan eggs per year and also make good mothers if you decide to breed.

There are an amazing 17 recognised colours including Gold Laced, Blue Laced Red, Columbian, Barred, Partridge, and Mille Fleur. The variety of colours is thought to come from the different breeds that were used to develop the modern Wyandotte.

The breed prefers to free range and their fluffy feathering makes them cold hardy. Despite being docile around humans they have a fairly strong personality, so they shouldn’t get bullied if you keep larger or mixed flocks.

Wyandotte keepers report that they’re confident, friendly, and talkative – the perfect back garden chicken!

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