Our Favourite Celebrity Chicken Keepers

Katie Price has recently joined the ranks of celebrity chicken keepers after releasing a charming picture of herself and her children with their new feathered friends.


But chicken keeping in celebrity circles isn’t a new trend as many famous faces realise the benefits of having a few backyard hens, both for themselves and their children.

Her ex-husband Peter Andre has kept chickens for some time and other celebrity hen fans include Billie Piper, Pamela Anderson, and Amanda Holden.

In fact, two celebrities have Jim Vyse build chicken houses in their gardens. Actress Charlie Brooks (Eastender’s Janine Butcher) and one time model turned business woman Jemma Kidd are the lucky owners of poultry arks built by the man himself.

JV_Vogue_Jemma Kidd

Jemma Kidd’s chicken house


So, who else is passionate about poultry?

Celebrity Chefs

Chefs know a good thing when they see one and with a recent trend for organic, sustainable, local food it’s obvious that they’d champion keeping the humble chicken.

Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall both keep chickens and campaign for poultry welfare. Jamie Oliver is also the patron of our favourite chicken charity – the British Hen Welfare Trust, along with Kate Humble, Antony Cotton, and Amanda Holden whom we mentioned above.

Royal Connections

Prince Charles is known for his love of the countryside and campaigns for high quality produce. He’s also a keen chicken fancier keeping a variety of breeds including Welsummers.

In 2014 we were saddened to hear that after a fox attack killing 24 of his flock the Prince of Wales was forced to close his organic egg shop in Gloucestershire.

A love for poultry runs in the family with Queen Victoria keeping exhibition quality birds including gentle giants the Cochin.

Queen Victoria's Poultry House at Winsor

Queen Victoria’s Poultry House at Winsor

Hollywood Hens

Over the in the USA chickens are no less popular among celebs with much loved cook Martha Stewart keeping Easter Eggers and Cochins.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been well publicised after passing legislation in 2010 banning caged hens in California. We don’t know whether he keeps hens himself but anyone who campaigns for chicken welfare is a good egg in our book!

Hollywood actresses Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Swank also keep poultry with Ms Witherspoon referring to herself as “the chicken lady”.

We’d love to hear from you if you know of any other celebrity chicken keepers – even better if you’re a celebrity chicken keeper yourself!