Love is in the air… (or at least in the chicken coop!)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re struggling to come up with a suitable gift for that special someone, we’re here to help.

If you want to earn real brownie points on the most romantic day of the year then getting them a gift that is personal and unique is the best option. Unfortunately supermarket flowers probably won’t cut it!

It’s also best to think about what their interests are and if you’re on this blog we’re guessing they’re passionate about poultry.

Here are some great gifts that we think the poultry keeper in your life will love:

The Egg Skelter

Egg SkelterFirst up, if you think your loved one would prefer something practical, but still very pretty, you could do worse than purchase an Egg Skelter.

They come in 11 different colours and you can choose standard or bantam size depending on the type of chickens you keep. The standard size will hold up to 24 hen’s eggs!

Rosewood Egg Cup

rosewood_single_eggcup_6be3c1e0Looking for something really special? This gorgeous, hand-crafted Rosewood Single Egg Cup is not only beautiful but it’s the perfect way to serve a romantic breakfast in bed.

The smooth wooden egg cup is designed to fit a single boiled egg and there’s even a curved hollow for a few pinches of salt and pepper.

One egg not enough? You can also get a Rosewood Double Egg Cup!

Duck shaped Bottle Opener

duck-shaped-bottle-opener-p2196-7664_imageWhat do you buy the man who has everything? A duck shaped bottled opener of course!

The detailed design and vintage patina makes it the perfect gift for someone who likes their beer as much as they like their ducks.




Jim Vyse Chicken House

Blue and white Jim Vyse Goose HouseWe couldn’t resist including our own products in this list because they really do make a wonderful gift.

As well as our standard designs we also offer a bespoke order service so you can get a poultry house that entirely suits your needs.

Not sure which design to choose? You can email and order a gift voucher.


“Chicken in Egg” necklace

Egg_Necklace_A1__11534_zoomAnd finally, if you really want to push the boat out (and you’ve got the funds to do it) how about commissioning jewellery designer Wendy Brandes to make one of her “Chicken in Egg” necklaces?

It really is a gift within a gift. The tiny gold egg locket opens up to reveal a real silver hen with diamond eyes. The hen then lifts up to reveal miniature golden eggs in her nest. Magical!


Love is chicken shaped: Valentine’s Day gifts for chicken lovers

Love is in the air this week so we’ve put together a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for the chicken lover in your life.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to give you a hand if you’re stuck for a gift, we’ve put together a list of chicken themed gifts so you can make that special someone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Whether you’ve got a tiny budget or the sky’s the limit there’s a gift for you in this list. Homeware, jewellery, charity gifts, and finishing touches there’s something for everyone!

They say that love is chicken shaped so give your loved one a gift they’ll never forget:

Cooking up a storm

If you’re planning on surprising your lover with breakfast in bed then why not invest in these heart shaped boiled egg moulds for an extra special touch? They’re even dishwasher safe so there’s no need to argue about the washing up.

Just remember to support the British Hen Welfare Trust and use free range eggs!

Add a splash of colour to your home

For those of you with partners who like art why not update your love nest with this beautiful rooster painting? At under £50 this 12”x12” acrylic on canvas is ready to hang and won’t break the bank.

Make your feathered friends happy

If you’re lucky enough to have your own flock at home why not give them a gift this Valentine’s Day? As well as standard designs Jim Vyse Arks also specialises in bespoke orders so your hens could have a truly unique treat.

Attractive, robust, and practical – a Jim Vyse Ark really is the gift that keeps on giving! You can see more of our bespoke designs on our Pinterest page.

Something shiny!

What woman wouldn’t love a bit of bling on Valentine’s Day?! How about declaring your love with this gorgeous golden chicken ring?

If she’s already got enough jewellery then this hen jewellery box is a pretty solution to keep her valuables safe.

Feather your nest

Spruce up your bedroom with this fun and funky chicken duvet set – perfect for snuggling in after a romantic dinner!

Give to others

If you and your partner are thinking about ditching the usual gifts this year then why not give a gift that makes a difference to someone else’s life?

FARM-Africa offers a “give a chicken” package for just £10. For this money you’ll have a brood of chickens donated to a poor African family on your behalf. These chickens will not only feed the family but also provide a source of income as they can sell the chickens and their eggs at market.

Wrap it up

If you’ve been organised and you’ve already got a gift then the finishing touch is going to be the wrapping. This gorgeous chicken wrapping paper is great for the chicken lover in your life and you can even order matching gift tags and ribbon.

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day