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Duck keeping has really taken off and ducks are becoming increasingly popular pets. They make a great addition or alternative to having chickens. But how much do you really know about your webbed footed friends?

Here are some great facts about ducks to get you up to speed:

Ducks can be found both on fresh water and sea water.

mandarin duck

There are 12 different types of duck:

Dabbling ducks

Diving ducks

Eider ducks

Goldeneye ducks

Merganser ducks

Perching ducks

Scoter ducks


Stiff tail ducks


Whistling ducks

Domestic ducks

indian runner ducks

Ducks don’t have teeth, but they do have a comb-like structure along the edge of their beaks called “pectin”

Diving ducks and sea ducks are heavier than other types of duck to help them dive deeper

Whistling ducks have longer legs than other types and, as their name suggests, make a high pitched whistle

Perching ducks have claws to enable them to grip branches in the wooded areas where they nest

diving duck

The governing bodies for duck breed standards include:

The Poultry Club of Great Britain

The American Poultry Association

The Australian Poultry Standards

The European Association of Poultry, Pigeon, and Rabbit Breeders

muscovy duck trio

Some of the most popular breeds of duck include the Muscovy, the Indian Runner, and the tiny Call duck.


call duck

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