Wheels and Doors

12 bird Chicken House with single axle

  This is our most popular chicken house and with the attractive s..

12 Bird Chicken House with Wheels & HenSafe Door

  ·         Suitable for up to 12 birds ·&nb..

HenSafe Automatic Door Opener

Designed and made in Wiltshire, UK the HenSafe Automatic Chicken Coop Door Opener is robust, rugg..

Six bird Chicken House with single axle

If you’re a first time chicken keeper or you’re looking to separate your fl..

Wheels - Single Axle

*SUMMER 2016 SPECIAL PRICE*   Our single axle wheels allow you to move your chicken ..

Wheels - Double Axle

*SUMMER 2016 SPECIAL PRICE*   Moving a large chicken house can be a difficult task w..

Finding ways of making the daily tasks involved in keeping chickens quicker and easier is the best way of giving you more time to just enjoy being with your flock. Who wouldn’t want that?


Automatic chicken house doors are a great way of letting your hens out at a time that suits you and making sure they're safely shut in at night even when you can't be there. We're pleased to stock HenSafe automatic chicken coop door openers.


Fitting wheels to your chicken house means that moving it around your garden, field, or orchard isn’t back breaking work.


Don’t forget, when you order our wheels for your chicken house, we’ll fit them for free!