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Electric Fencing & Solar Lighting

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Lighting in your hen house is a proven method of extending the egg production period of your flock during the winter months. The solar lighting kits are quick and easy to install and because they don’t need mains power they can be fitted to any chicken house, no matter how remote.

We have two sizes of solar lighting kit in stock. The 24W lighting kit is suitable for medium sized hen houses 3ftx3ft or larger. The 32W lighting kit is suitable for larger hen houses up to 20ftx8ft.

Both kits come complete with everything you’ll need to set up your solar lighting system, including a timer, so you can fully programme your system for maximum egg production.


Electric Fencing is ideal for containing all types of poultry and the close net style helps to keep predators, including foxes, dogs, cats, badgers, and mink, out. All of the poultry nets are dark green in colour so they don’t create a eyesore in your garden, field, orchard, or outdoor space.

We have created a series of kits depending on how you want to power the system (battery or mains) and the number of nets you need. The kits incorporate all components required to set up your system plus comprehensive installation and operation instructions.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements if you don’t find the size or style of electric fence you need.

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