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6 bird Chicken House with Enclosed Run
chicken house with enclosed run
chicken house enclosed run rear view
chicken house enclosed run side view
6 bird Chicken House with Enclosed Run

If you’re looking for a house with an attached run to keep your hens safe and sound then our 6 bird Chicken Ark is the ideal house for you.

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Product Description
As with all of our chicken arks the house is robustly constructed from tanalised timber so the house can withstand the great British weather and the excellent ventilation helps to prevent respiratory issues.

A large removable panel at the end of the run and a smaller removable panel on one side of the house make it easy to feed, water, and clean your hens.

The long, high design of the run allows your hens to stretch and flap their wings to their heart’s content and the galvanised welded mesh panels will keep your flock safe from predators.
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