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6 x Enclosed Run Panels
run top view
6 x Enclosed Run Panels

Measuring 1800mm x 900mm our Enclosed Run Panels are the ideal solution when you need to quickly extend or build an enclosed run.

  • Add additional panel and/or door panel

    • 45 £
    • 35 £
    • 70 £
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Product Description
Please note, the picture is an illustration of how our panels could be used. It is NOT a representation of 6 Enclosed Run panels. The run pictured required 15 panels, plus a door panel.

Our panels are all constructed from treated timber clad with a high quality 19 guage 1/2" square galvanised mesh.

They measure 1800 mm x 900mm and are supplied without fixings.

Door panels of the same size are also available. Doors come with hinges and a lockable bolt.

Minimum order: 6 panels (for smaller orders, please contact us for a quote)
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