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The Professional – 50m 1.2m Close Mesh Fox Busting Net (MFB5LLGT)
The Professional – 50m 1.2m Close Mesh Fox Busting Net (MFB5LLGT)

Its simple – this net is the gold standard of poultry nets!

  • Add Fit One Charge One Battery

    • 157.2 £
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Product Description
It has all the features of our premium fox buster nets but with 5 extra tall (1.25m) heavyweight and sturdy double pronged corner/angle posts and 9 extra tall posts which give you unrivalled stability and strength. Great for uneven and undulating ground or in particularly windy and weather beaten areas. No sagging, no shorting and more zap!

To give your poultry the best protection possible use The Professional. The Professional is 1.22m high by 50m in length, the posts are black and the net is dark green, has close mesh (7.5cm by 5cm sq) for the bottom third of the net.

A fantastically strong and sturdy net which keeps not only the fox but all predators at bay and is easy to put up and take down.
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