Runs & Enclosures

6ft Run to suit Swiss Chalet style chicken houses

January Sale price £ 130.00  reduced from £ 145.00 If you’..

Door Panel for Enclosed Run

January Sale Price  £ 30.00  reduced from £ 35.00   A Door Panel for our E..

Enclosed Run Panels

January Sale Price £ 25.00  reduced from £ 28.00 Measuring 1800mm x 900mm our Enclosed R..

Secure Shade

We're proud to now stock Secure Shades!   Although most breeds of poultry are fairly..

6ft Run to suit Duck House range

January Sale Price £ £ 130.00 reduced from £ 145.00 If you want..

10ft Run to suit Swiss Chalet style chicken houses

January Sale Price £ 165.00 reduced from £ 185.00 If you’ve onl..

Small Enclosure Run with Flat Roof

January Sale Price  £ 292.50 reduced from £ 325.00 Our sma..

Larger Enclosed Runs - Flat Roof

For January the price of Our Large Enclosures start at  £ 335.00 for t..

Whether you’re looking for a run that attaches to the hen house to protect your hens from predators or you want a walk-in enclosure to keep your flock where you’ve put them, we’ve got a solution for you.


All of our runs and enclosures use welded galvanised ½” mesh and tanalised timber to ensure your hens’ safety and a long working life. Our runs are supplied with full assembly instructions and fittings or, depending on your location and the size of the project, we can provide a “design, build, and erect” service. 


We also offer a bespoke service with enclosures starting from just £350 so that we can ensure our customers get a product that they're 100% happy with and haven't been able to find elsewhere. 


Please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.